Built and managed several websites over the years.

Below are the headlines of the various sites

openwater alkmaar

This was my first self-made website in 2004 concerning my 'own' open water competition in the Geestmerambacht north of Alkmaar.
I started in MS Publisher, but switched to Drupal 4.6 after 1 year and later also made it in Drupal 5.
The website eventually existed for 9 years until the contest stopped.


After hacker problems on the NOWW.NL, Richard Broer asked me in 2006 if I could help him to rebuild and manage his website.

I did that until 2015 for free in what by then was Drupal 5. After that year I asked a small fee. Over the years, the site has been upgraded from D 6 to D 7 and must move to Drupal 9 (8 I will skip) before 2024.

Meanwhile, since 2020, the Royal Dutch Swimming Association (KNZB) is the new owner of the site with myself still as administrator.


Toeristram.be I upgraded from Drupal 4.6 to Drupal 6 in 2014 for a Belgian colleague.


openwaterswimming.eu This was the well-visited European extension of noww.nl
I managed AND populated the site for 11 long years (2008-2019). After being sold, the new American owner kept the website alive for 1 more year with me as administrator and then let it bleed to death, because he had started openwaterswimming.com himself.


For a consulting trainer in/for co-determination, and of works councils, among others.

Due to hosters error, that website was lost and the owner has another website on order from me.


Made several websites for free for open water swimmers, who swam for a good cause, e.g. for Kika and for Spieren voor Spieren.